WWF: We can tackle the plastics crisis

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  • Every three seconds, over one tonne of plastics enters our oceans, turning them into blue wastelands before our very eyes. However, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn things around – and we can’t miss it.

The fourth round of negotiations (INC-4) on a United Nations global plastics treaty to address this crisis has just wrapped up.

At INC-4, many countries backed strong measures, such as global bans on the most polluting plastic products and chemicals. But – despite progress – we’re still far from the treaty needed to protect people and nature.

We still need to gain a lot of ground in quite a short period of time. In November later this year, we head to the final round of negotiations, where the future of the plastic crisis will be decided.

Too often, negotiations stumble and we’re left with something that doesn’t reflect the urgency of the issue. But together, we can ask our governments to push for a truly impactful, world-changing treaty.

We can make history in 2024. Your action is crucial in paving the way for a future free from plastic pollution:




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