WWF: You know who had a very special 2022?


  • Once again, we wish you the happiest and most successful new year ever!

We already started the year full speed ahead, but we can’t forget how important 2022 was. Especially for one beautiful animal – the tiger. 🧡

You probably already know – 2022. was the Chinese year of the tiger. But do you know that the countries where tigers live promised to double their number?! Nepal, for example, actually managed to achieve this, for which we congratulate them from the bottom of our hearts!

Tigers are not only the biggest cats that fascinate all of us, and which many of us would love to see in person, in their natural habitats – they are also important predators, preserving the natural balance of their homes. This is why 2010 was terrifying. It was the year when we almost lost them!

Their populations plummeted, causing 13 countries where they live to agree to do everything in their power to save them from extinction. Today, this is known as the Tx2 initiative.

The number of tigers grew since then, but they are still endangered. 🐯 Help us to continue working on saving this wonderful cat, and all the other amazing animals, some of which do exist in our neighbourhood as well. It’s very simple – you can symbolically adopt a tiger.


PS – Do you know people say all cats are the same? Well, when it comes to swimming, that is not the case. Even though our pets usually can’t stand the water, tigers love it, and often search for lakes and rivers to take a dip and cool off.


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