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  • We’re happy to see you today! Thanks for tuning into our weekly round-up where we take a closer look at the beauty of the planet and the steps we can take – together – to protect it. This week, we’re focusing on the importance of preserving forests, threats to biodiversity, and reasons to maintain hope when it comes to nature and climate. Though the planet is experiencing many challenges, there are still reasons to stay optimistic. From new technologies to community efforts, there are solutions to the threats facing people and nature. Join us as we delve into these important issues and discover ways we can all make a difference in the effort to protect the planet

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We still have a chance to protect our beautiful forests! By actively working to bring back wild areas and plant new trees, we can make a big difference. And this effort has already been shown to reap positive benefits for people and nature:

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The Copalita River is a stunning and important part of the Oaxaca landscape, connecting many villages and their residents. To protect it, local communities are working to sustainably manage it for the benefit of all:

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New research reveals that if we don’t urgently make changes to lower our emissions a large percentage of animals that live on land will be in danger from the heat. This poses a significant risk to the biodiversity of the planet – and it’s crucial we act now:

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With all that we see today, it’s easy to feel discouraged about climate and nature – but it’s important to remember that even though we face immense challenges, we can’t lose hope. Here are some encouraging environmental stories that have happened in 2023:

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It is possible for the planet to be powered by green energy. And Morocco is leading by example. The country is a leader in clean solar energy, building big power plants, creating jobs and inspiring other nations to follow suit:

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