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  • In this week’s round-up from your friends at WWF, get the latest on global conservation efforts. We’re excited to share updates on the crucial work being done across the world to safeguard both people and the planet. Nature – from lush forests to thriving oceans – is the cornerstone of life on Earth. This week, we’re featuring stories that showcase the significance of preserving our natural world, touching on the importance of the restoration of wetlands and the vital role of Indigenous territories in conserving the Brazilian Amazon’s forests. With that, we’ll let you get to reading. And thank you for caring about people and the planet and tuning into this week’s round-up – together we can make a difference!

THE BENEFITS OF BEAVERSAccording to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, wetlands are being lost at a rate three times faster than forests. Fortunately, there is a hero with remarkable powers when it comes to restoring them – the beaver:

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The ocean has experienced dramatic changes over the past century, with industrial fishing fleets driving declines in wild fish populations in every region of the world. This problem is made worse by pollution, climate change, and bad coastal development. But we can do better – together!

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A new study reveals that only 5% of net forest loss in the Brazilian Amazon happens in Indigenous territories and protected areas – despite these spaces containing more than half of the region’s forest. Here’s what that means for the future of the great Amazon:

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COLLECTING NATURE’S HEALING GIFTSThe use of plants for medicinal purposes dates back centuries. Over 1,300 plants are used for medicinal purposes in Europe, of which 90% are harvested in the wild. When we responsibly harvest local plants, we can reap nature’s benefits for our environment and our communities: 

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Check out this week’s top wildlife photos featuring Japanese macaques, a blue heron, and a bear obsessed with taking selfies. These diverse pictures of wildlife bring the beauty and diversity of nature to life – and remind us why we need to protect the planet:

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