WWF: New hope for coral reefs: your weekly round-up 

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  • Welcome to our weekly round-up all about our magnificent planet and those working to safeguard its future. This week, we’re featuring stunning photography of wildlife for you to look through, as well as spotlighting the importance of preserving our planet’s plants. We’re also sharing a feature on community-run bird sanctuaries in Bangladesh and how important local initiatives are when it comes to protecting and conserving the natural world. From the tiniest flowers to the biggest animals, there’s so much to admire and appreciate in nature. We hope this week’s round-up will inspire you to get out and explore the beauty of our planet and all the living beings that call it home!


A bee buzzing from flower to flower, collecting nectar and pollen. The mesmerising shadows of a flock of camels walking along dunes. This week, we’ve got these and more pictures (and stories) of our fascinating world for you to explore:

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Scientists working on the beautiful Great Barrier Reef in Australia have found a new way to freeze and save coral larvae. They’re hopeful that this method can help bring back life to reefs that are facing challenges because of climate change:

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Plants may seem like they’re just sitting there, but there’s so much going on beneath the surface. The more we learn about them, the more complex and adaptable we understand them to be. They’re the ultimate survivalists, always finding ways to make the most of what’s around them:

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Bangladesh’s community-run bird sanctuaries have given new life to many birds. In one region, residents have created a sanctuary for thousands of birds by protecting them from hunters and raising awareness:

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Peatlands are incredibly important because they store a lot of carbon and are home to rare species – but people don’t often think about them. Now, a photographer is on a mission to take beautiful pictures of peatlands from four continents to change our perception:

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