Reefs, lakes and lagoons, marshes and mangroves – our world relies on healthy wetlands


  • Thanks to their amazing ability to provide water and flood protection for cities, and secure food and livelihoods of local communities, as well as harbouring 40% of the world’s species, wetlands are super important for both people and nature

    But they’re dangerously undervalued, and action is needed in order to protect them properly. In the last half-century alone, we’ve destroyed more than a third of our wetlands, and they’re still disappearing faster than forests. We’ve drained them, converted them to farmland, built over them, and dammed and diverted them. In the process, we’ve lost the vital services they provide – and today we need healthy wetlands more than ever because they’re central to our efforts to tackle climate change.
    That’s why we’re not giving up on wetlands. WWF is working with governments to secure protection for more wetlands, and with companies and communities to conserve, restore and sustainably manage wetlands across the world.

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