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  • To protect our planet, we must protect our forests. They home people, keep our planet healthy, help tackle climate change, provide habitat for wildlife and more. Forests are nothing short of amazing – and we can’t afford to lose them. We need them, and they need us to act.Every year, up to 15 billion trees are being cut down across the world, driven by factors including the expansion of agricultural land, infrastructure developments, mining and illegal logging. And that’s not the only threat they’re facing: forest fires are also increasing in frequency and intensity, causing irreversible damage to people, wildlife, ecosystems and the climate.That’s why we’re working to protect forests around the world, in turn supporting all who depend on them.

And if you want to do more to protect our magnificent forests, you can! Take our Zero to Hero challenge for tiny-but-mighty daily tips from your friends at WWF on how you can help forests:

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