WWF: Take action: Plastic pollution


You’ve probably heard about the plastic pollution problem – it’s everywhere, and it’s hurting people and the planet we call home. It’s choking our rivers and ocean, harming wildlife, and even sneaking into our food, air, and water. And it’s only getting worse.

But there’s hope. In November, countries will meet to discuss the global treaty to end plastic pollution. This treaty is a big deal, and it’s our best chance to tackle this global crisis. However, if countries don’t agree on strong and fair rules to better manage plastic production and consumption, we could see three times more plastic pollution in our ocean by 2040.

The solution is simple: We need global rules to ban the most harmful and avoidable plastic items. Right now, single-use plastic makes up 60% of all the plastic being produced and 70% of ocean plastic pollution. This needs to stop. It’s time we turned single-use into ‘zero-use’.

Your vote can help make a huge difference. By saying YES to a plastic pollution-free future, you can tell leaders around the world that it’s time to make changes. Will you take action for people and nature?




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