WWF: Stop deep seabed mining 


  • Our ocean is a world of wonder; from the shallowest shores to the deepest seas. It provides us with much of the food we eat, the air we breathe and helps regulate our climate

Yet despite how much we’ve come to know about the ocean, we’re still learning about its many marvels – particularly when it comes to the deep sea. Though it covers around half our planet’s surface and provides a home for spectacular wildlife, we know less about the deep sea than we do about the surface of the moon. However, we do know this: deep seabed mining threatens to cause irreparable damage to this fragile environment.

Until we fully understand the impacts on people and nature, no mining machines should touch the deep sea. Our marvellous ocean faces many threats. This is one we can stop before it starts:

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Image credit: © naturepl.com  / David Shale / WWF

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