WWF: Every climate promise must be kept


  • Half of a degree. Doesn’t sound like much, does it?

When you tweak your heating at home by half a degree, it doesn’t feel very different. But on our planet, half a degree Celsius is a very big deal.

Every fraction of a degree matters – especially to nature, already under pressure. We’ve already lost half of the planet’s tropical reefs in just the past 30 years. Even if the world warms by only 1.5°C, that’s enough to kill anywhere between 70 – 90% of them. But at 2°C, it’s likely that all warm water coral reefs will die. Overheating could be the final straw for these vital, one-of-a-kind ecosystems.

1.5°C is safer than 2°C for people and for nature. That’s why – together – we need to call for a bold, clear, urgent commitment to 1.5°C

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