WWF: A gift that means life


The smell of tasty cakes and cookies already fill our homes, holidays are close… and what about gifts? As usual, we leave them for the last minute! 🎄

Gifts don’t have to be big and expensive. What really matters is that they mean something! Christmas is a time of giving, so why not give something really valuable?

You can choose which animal you want – lynx, elephant, otter? Something else?

Visit our site and choose your favorite animal.

After you choose an animal, the person you want to give this meaningful gift to will receive a special Christmas certificate with your personalized message or greeting to their e-mail address, and they can frame it later.


If you want to do it yourself, just enter your address, download the certificate, frame it and surprise your loved one for Christmas.

Do you know that by symbolically adopting an animal, you are giving away something that stays, that will not be used up, something that leaves an imprint forever? Adopt an animal for yourself, mom, dad, friend, grandma… and surprise them with the most original gift. 🎁

Buy a really valuable gift that will mean something to you, your loved one, and the planet. Of course, us too, because without you we wouldn’t be able to protect our planet and help wild species to experience a bright future! Thank you! 💖


PS – thank you for choosing the most valuable gift!

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